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Welcome to our new site

Our profession is to invent solutions protecting our clients against terrorists threats.

On this web site we have displayed some of our capabilities. In our profession, you will appreciate that security prevents us of being complete about the products specifications as well as our worldwide references.

Our teams are at your disposal to provide you with the solution you are waiting for.

Charles A. Laubie CEO

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Notebook Bomb Killer

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Ballistic PRESS
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SEMA, inventor of solutions against terrorists threats

SEMA capitalises on more than 50 years of experience in the military equipment and more than 25 years in anti-terrorists products.

Before the attacks of September 11, 2001, the knowledge to make, the creativity and the reactivity of SEMA were reserved for the Special Forces and certain Official Services.

Our force lies in our men and our means:

  • Our sales are very experienced in the matter and permanently listening to our customers & prospects wishes,
  • Our R&D is a well tuned mix of experts mastering innovation,
  • Our production is driven by reactive teams and supported by flexible manufacturing processes and tools.

In our search for excellence, we have invested to obtain and sustain our efforts to maintain our ISO 9001 certification by Bureau Veritas Quality International.

Now with SEMA WORLD and its worldwide network, all that is accessible for you.

SEMA WORLD provides official services, sensitive enterprises and states administration with products patented by SEMA. The products are based on newest technologies and deliver effective solutions for ballistic protections and against chemical & biological threats.

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